Healthy Kit

Healthy Kit

Healthy Kit set - fresh and healthy air

Healthy Kit is a perfect solution providing fresh and healthy air in the room. It eliminates 99% of viruses and bacterias. Action has been attested by many certificates: CB, CE and RoHS. Healthy Kit(UV lamp and photocatalysis) combined with air conditioning system and ventilation guarantee air sterilization. It might eliminate most of bacterials, molds, viruses, spores, fungi and volatile compounds of organisms in air and on object's surfaces.

How does it work?

Natural UV light is one of elements of solar radiation. Level of intensity influences to different degrees on life organisms and germs. In order to effectively air disinfection it is used a UV lamp with UV-C radiations with a range of wavelength 100-280 nm. Healthy Kit device works on a photocatalysis. Titanium dioxide TiO2, which is appropriately fragmented to the size of a nanoparticle(form of powder) and placed in a special medium(net surrounded UV lamp), under influence of UV-C radiations start chemical reactions. As a result of these reactions there are generated hydroxyl radicals and other active forms of oxygen responsible for high efficient neutralization and eliminating pollution in the air stream.

To sum up, as a result of photocatalysis phenomena there is a reduction of harmful organic and inorganic compounds. Unwanted compounds, which are located in the air, fragment into totally neutral products(water and carbon dioxide). Healthy Kit set is very easy to assemble and install. Thanks to the air flow detector which is equipped, it can work synchronously with the channel air conditioning system. Furthermore, it is equipped with a light detector, error code display, differential port lines and what's most important - certificates CB, CE and RoHS.

It is a perfect solution for hospitals, pharmaceris, cosmetic salons, gyms, food processing, hotels, offices, kindergartens and schools, houses and many other public buildings.

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