About MDV

MDV is a professional brand of air conditioning devices. Its offer includes various types and classes of air conditioning systems with a wide range of applications. Established in 1999, it comes from the group of commercial products CAC (Commercial Air-Conditioning). Initially, the MDV brand offered modern systems and components dedicated to commercial and industrial applications, e.g. VRF systems, chilled water units, fan coil units and condensing units. In 2001, the company also decided to include solutions from the home air conditioner segment to its offer.


Today, MDV is one of the most rapidly developing companies in the air conditioning industry. The company constantly develops new technologies and uses advanced solutions to create energy-saving devices that are safe for the environment, convenient to use and, most importantly, reliable in operation. The entire production process is closely monitored by the quality control department.


MDV successfully implements its solutions all over the world, including: Russia, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, constantly expanding its global footprint to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of air conditioning solutions.


Series of devices selling in Poland:

Series VRF - a modular air conditioning system, where one outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units. A wide range of indoor units enables full integration of the system with the building, maintaining its interior and exterior aesthetics, with a low noise level. VRF systems are used in the air conditioning of buildings, production and assembly halls, etc

SPLITn Series – Units designed for wall installation. The advantages of this type of air-conditioners are: quiet operation, fast cooling and heating as well as energy efficiency. Ideal solutions for an apartment or house.

MULTI Series – The multi system makes it possible to connect from 2 to 5 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This solutions enables individual cooling or heating of each room, and thus significant electric energy savings. It is a comfortable solution, when there is a need for air-conditioning in several rooms.

OFFICE Series – A wide range of available indoor units designed to obtain the optimum cooling and heating capacity and ensure comfort operation. They are intended for use in any type of commercial solutions: an office, a shop, a restaurant.