Information clause

Aircon Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with generally applicable laws, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").


When making purchases at Aircon Sp. z o.o. by submitting the f-gas statement, filling in the application form and in many other situations we collect your personal data. Below we present a list of the most important cases related to the processing of your personal data by Aircon Sp. z o.o. After clicking on the selected link from the list, you will go to a document that contains detailed information on the processing of personal data for a specific purpose.

Personal data is processed, inter alia, in the case of:


  • consent to issue e-invoices,


  • F-gas statements,


  • enrollment for training,


  • failure reporting using the form,


  • subscribing to the newsletter,


  • sending the application form,


  • Client's statements - marketing consents.